Eurasier is a breed that belongs to spitzs and primary breeds. The breed was developed in the late 20th century in Germany by combining the Wolfspitz, the Chow chow, and later the Samoyed. By mixing these breeds, Julius Wipfel wanted to obtain a dog that is easy to keep, raise and train, as well as intelligent, friendly and vigilant. And he was successful.

* The Eurasier is confident, calm and very level-headed.

* It forms a strong bond with the family and the place where it lives.

* In relation to strangers, it is distrustful, but never aggressive.

* What is important is that it is not noisy, and when it senses something alarming, its reaction is limited to a single growl or bark.

* Eurasier dogs love children and are very delicate and protective towards them.

* They love running and are perfect in sports such as cani cross and agility.

* It is relatively easy and undemanding in daily care.

* It is fit to live in a city on condition that it has a chance to go for walks.

* Its coat colour is red, wolf-grey, fawn or black.



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